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Expository Essay Topics: 20 Questions Worth Writing About

In an expository essay the writer explains how to do something, evaluates and interprets information, or responds to an issue. Some interesting questions can make great expository essay topics. It is not necessary to refer only to strict facts with this style of writing. You may also draw from personal experience to share your knowledge on the topic. Explore one of the following questions to create an interesting expository essay.

  1. If you were a time traveler, what time would you visit and why?

  2. If you could talk to any famous person from the present or past, whom would you choose and why?

  3. If you had the power to make one global change, what would it be and why?

  4. If you could turn into an animal, what animal would that be and why?

  5. Your first teachers: who were they and why were they important in your life?

  6. The role of family in your life: how important are your family members to you and why?

  7. A favorite book from your childhood: how did it differ from other books, and why did you like it?

  8. If you could shoot a film, what kind of film would it be and why?

  9. Music in your life: how does it affect your mood, creativity, and productivity?

  10. Learning a foreign language: how to make the process faster and more efficient?

  11. Being a leader: what skills and qualities are required to make people follow you?

  12. Catching a liar: what are the signs that a person is not telling the truth?

  13. Making difficult decisions: what steps do you take to make a complicated choice or to find a way out of an intricate situation?

  14. Having a difficult time financially: how do you solve the problem of a lack of money?

  15. Regular physical exercise: why is it useful, and how do you personally benefit from it?

  16. Rules in your life: what guidelines do you usually keep to, and why are they important?

  17. If you could visit any country in the world, what would it be and why?

  18. Your best friend: what qualities should this person have?

  19. An ideal occupation: what would you like to be in the future and why?

  20. Your favorite toy: what was your favorite toy when you were a child and why? What place does it have in your life now?

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