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Tips To Make Good Essays

How To Improve Essay Writing Skills: A Step-By-Step Instruction

Most experts agree that the most successful academic essay writers enjoy writing because it affords them the ability to shine. Assignment writing is an intellectual exercise that challenges a student to craft thoughtful arguments on various complex topics within the requirements of a given assignment. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to improve your essay writing skills:

  1. Step 1) Learn from other student essays
  2. Reading other students’ essays is a great way of improving on your own writing abilities. It’s a good idea to broaden your focus and read about a number of different topics. Different disciplines usually will require different styles or logic. Learning as much as possible will help you succeed in honing your specific craft.

  3. Step 2) Work on your vocabulary and use it properly
  4. A lot of times students have problems expressing their thoughts precisely because they have yet to build an extensive vocabulary. You should actively work on learning new terms and definitions. You should always be able to find the precise word, rather than rely on vague constructions that don’t provide much meaning to your argument.

  5. Step 3) Use words to help further your argument
  6. When writing your essays you should avoid repetition at all costs. This means using the right terms to further and continuously build your argument. Each sentence should get you closer to a conclusion without coming off as simple filler that lacks in originality.

  7. Step 4) Using the elevator pitch technique in your writing
  8. It’s a good idea to make a plan before starting your paper. In your outline consider the most important points you are going to make. A good way of identifying these points is to pretend you will be presenting your argument in an elevator where you will be limited to just a few minutes. This condensing of your argument will help you structure your paper to be the most effective.

  9. Step 5) Use highly effective pieces of evidence
  10. No matter what kind of paper you are composing you should back up your own argument by citing effective pieces of evidence from other scholarly choices. Academic experts are a great way of giving your own argument validity. Just be sure that the connection between what others state and what you are arguing can easily be made.

  11. Step 6) Master syntax, punctuation and tone of voice
  12. Most students don’t realize that they are making sentences a lot more complicated than they have to be, making it difficult for most readers to follow along. As mentioned above it’s important to compose sentences that are clear and concise. Vary your sentence structures, learn the proper rules of punctuation and consider your tone of voice. These elements can make a world of difference.

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