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Tips To Make Good Essays

4 Basic Elements Of A Great Essay About Education

An essay about education can be a complicated assignment, especially if you have very little understanding of what is important for the text to be strong and interesting. Below, you will find a short description of the main basic elements of a good paper.

  1. An informative introduction with a strong thesis statement.
  2. The intro is one of the most important parts of a good project. If you manage to compose a good intro, the chances that your readers will keep on reading the paper are very high. The intro should not be long, at best, 150-200 words. In some cases, depending on the type of your essay, the intro will flow into the body part of your project so smoothly that it may be even shorter than the mentioned size. The thesis statement is a sentence that conveys the main idea of the paper in several words. The stronger it is, the more interest it inspires in readers.

  3. An informative body part with strong arguments.
  4. As a rule, in most essays, the body consists of three paragraphs that are meant to convey your points of view on the matters of education. That is, you need to develop three points of view and find enough reliable arguments to support each of them. The arguments should be taken from reliable sources of information like reference books, reputable websites, works of known researchers, etc. Make sure that none of your statements is left without a support.

  5. Persuasive conclusions.
  6. Your essay, your research dedicated to education, should end with strong conclusions. Experts recommend that this part of your project sounds like the intro with significant paraphrasing. That is, you need to re-read the goals and purposes that you have stated in the intro and explain how you have reached them and received results in the conclusions. Avoid empty phrases that are not vital for the understanding of the text.

  7. Good grammar and style.
  8. Good grammar is very important for a strong paper. Before you submit it, you need to give enough attention to possible mistakes, typos, etc. Either read and check the text on your own or ask somebody (your parents, elder siblings, friends) to read it and find your mistakes. When writing, unless you are telling about your personal experience or situations that have happened to you, don’t use personal pronouns like I, me, my. In phrases that require these pronouns, replace the active voice with passive constructions. If you cannot do with their help alone, use plural pronouns like we, our, us.

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