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A Complete Guide On Writing A 3-Paragraph College Essay

Have you been given this task? Do you think it sounds like one of the easier college projects to accomplish? Well, writing a 3-paragraph essay is not as easy as it may first seem. It might be only 3 paragraphs long, but don’t let that fool you! Writing this can be a tricky business.

Here is a complete guide on writing a 3-paragraph college essay:

Demonstrate your abilities.

Whatever the topic is you are writing about, you need to be able to demonstrate that you can concisely relay the information and key points in a succinct manner.

What it consists of.

The 3-paragraphs of this type of paper consist of the same main parts of other essays. That is: the introduction, the body text and the conclusion.

The introduction and conclusion paragraphs should be roughly the same length, whereas the middle paragraph of the body text should be longer and contain your main points, just like a longer paper.

The introduction.

The introductory paragraph should introduce the topic. Begin by stating the broad topic in hand before narrowing it down to the specific subject you are discussing. State your aims and objectives of your paper and what you hope to conclude.

The main body text.

The body text paragraph should contain all the key elements and run smoothly.

The conclusion.

The conclusion should briefly summarize the body text and form an overall conclusion.

Make notes before you start.

It may seem difficult to get all the information you want to include into just three paragraphs, so you should definitely plan well before you begin writing. Make notes of exactly what content it is you want to include, and make each part as concise as possible.

Look at examples.

It’s worth looking at some examples of 3-paragraph essays before you begin writing your own, so you can see how they are handled. Have a look on the web or in your campus library for examples that are written in this style.

Good practice for writing longer papers.

Writing this type of paper will demonstrate that you are able to take large amounts of information and select the most important parts from it. It is also a great way of honing your skills for writing longer, more standard length, papers. The more you can master the short type, the better prepared you will be for when it comes to the longer ones.

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