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Crafting A Narrative Essay About Your Family – 10 Helpful Hints

When it is time to write an essay, it is always good to have something to put down. So how do you go about it when the topic is your own family? Well, here are ten hints that will help you with that:

  1. Meditate: Writing is a condensation of your ideas and memories into words. In order for you to be able to do it right, put your mind at rest with meditation. This will ease all the tension and allow your thoughts to flow naturally.
  2. Go through the album: If your household is one of those in which albums are kept, make it a duty to go through the album. By going through the photos, you will be able to unleash and recall even more memories. A picture they say, says more than a thousand words. By going through the album, you can come up with spectacular ideas on how to go about it.
  3. Rehearse your writing: It is a good idea to start out with a draft first. Then rewrite the draft and go over it again.
  4. Let it flow: A narrative essay is more of a story, and the only way to make your story really interesting is to let it flow. Let the ideas, events and thoughts flow. Make it enticing and do not be held back by unnecessary conventions.
  5. Conduct interviews: Since the writing is about your own family, it will be refreshing to conduct interviews with your loved ones. Asking them relevant questions about the household will generate even more ideas for you.
  6. Share questionnaires: Another alternative to conducting interviews is to come up with questionnaires and distribute them. The answers and responses you get will be veritable tools to assist you with the writing.
  7. Edit and edit: For a piece to be flawless, you have to go meticulously through the piece over and over again. This is to ensure that you are making no mistakes when it comes to the writing. Nothing spoils a piece than seeing mistakes all over.
  8. Read to yourself: Do not make the mistake of not reading your piece to yourself.
  9. Have others read it to you: Yes - you hearing your piece being read from others will give you an insight into how you sound on paper.
  10. Ask questions: Ask others what they think of your writing.

These are hints that will assist anyone interested in making a narrative essay. This is particularly true if the writing has to do with your family.

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