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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle Schoolers

Persuasive essays are one of the most common types of essays that middle school children are made to write. Their purpose is to organize the student’s thought process and give it direction. In a persuasive essay, students present their views for or against a topic and justify why they say so. By making the child choose sides, the persuasive essay aims to provide clarity and consistency to a child’s writing, thus preparing for higher, advanced writing. Thus, if you are looking for topics to benefit your middle schoolers, here are some that you should try.

A list of good persuasive essay topics for middle schoolers

  1. Should there be uniforms in school?
  2. Should middle school children get raises in their allowances?
  3. Should children be given gadgets at a young age?
  4. Should gym be made compulsory for all students?
  5. Should children be given chores around the house?
  6. Should middle school children share rooms with their siblings?
  7. Should children be given homework?
  8. Instead of providing homework, should schools increase the number of tests and exams?
  9. Should practical classes and field trips be given more importance than they are?
  10. Should children’s TV watching schedules be moderated by parents?
  11. Is sci-fi really productive for mental development?
  12. Should students be allowed to choose between subjects in middle school?
  13. Is it really necessary for middle schoolers to take up part time jobs?
  14. Should tracking devices be installed in student’s ID cards?
  15. Should chaperoning at school dances and events be done away with?
  16. Should classrooms allow the use of cell phones and laptops during class?
  17. Should all learning, such as notes, be shared only through electronic media, like email?
  18. Should schools opt for providing additional classes online for free?
  19. Does watching a specific genre on TV shape the child’s mind in a particular way?
  20. Should the sale of violent video games to children be moderated, or require adult supervision?

These topics pertained mainly to the academic dynamic in school. However, when choosing persuasive essay topics for children, one should always think outside the box. The further one’s thinking goes, the more the mind develops. Additionally, teachers and parents should also keep in mind to tutor their student/child so that he/she remains consistent with his/her view, which will bring maturity to their writing style.

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