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Selecting An Essay Title On Immigration: 12 Controversial Topics For Discussion

If you need help selecting an essay title on immigration consider the 12 controversial topics for discussion:

  1. For many people the removal of immigrants seems ideal, and yet these people fail to recognize or appreciate the high number of manual labor jobs which, in almost every country, are completed by immigrants and not by local citizens. Discuss the impact that removal of immigrants would have on an industry of your choosing.

  2. Today there is a great fear of immigrants taking over in Europe, and an even greater fear of immigrants changing nationalism, changing who a country is on the inside. Pick a European country and review what aspects of that culture make the people feel nationalistic pride, and why immigration would hurt that.

  3. Today immigrants in Europe and America are left to fend for themselves, whether legal or illegal. Their lack of knowledge about the culture, lack of language, and decision to live in close communities much like those from which they came creates a constant disconnect with the local population. Review whether these communities should be stopped or not.

  4. Review the integration policies that were implemented as part of a socialist program in Germany after the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. Explore how the local governments were given specific numbers of new immigrants based on their size and what they could handle, and how immigrants were given cultural immersion classes and language classes to ease the transition.

  5. Explore whether immigration can improve an existing culture.

  6. Explain how the U.S. came to hate or fear immigration in spite of being a nation founded on it.

  7. Review the jobs where immigration is most useful and how few local citizens participate in those jobs comparatively.

  8. Explore what measures can be done to stop immigration entirely.

  9. Explain why people emigrate and what reasons should be considered acceptable versus selfish for immigration to better countries.

  10. Review the high rate of contrast between jobs and work history held by many successful immigrants in their home countries and the jobs that they can hold when they move to a better country, such as when many doctors from India move to America and work as cab drivers.

  11. Explain how immigration increases crime.

  12. Review the current expansion of tent cities along major ports in Europe as a result of immigration.

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