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Composing A Good Essay On The Effects Of Smoking Cigarettes

Composing a good cause and effect essay about smoking cigarettes can be an unpleasant experience if you do not have a good plan to follow. Moreover, you should learn what important nuances to keep in mind to impress your professor and get a high grade. So, study the useful guidelines and tips provided below.

Writing A Cause And Effect Essay To Get An A

Planning is very important when you deal with academic writing. Some professors agree that it makes sense to spend more time planning and researching than actually writing the text. So, you should develop a clear to-do plan and complete it step-by-step. These guidelines will help you reveal the effects of smoking cigarettes in your essay:

  1. Do some literature study.
  2. You can brainstorm what the main effects of smoking cigarettes are but it is also helpful to study the research results and expert opinions. You can also compare what people know about the subject and what the scientists think about it.

  3. Create a list of causes and effects.
  4. Although you should focus your paper on the effects, you can hardly omit the causes of why smoking is dangerous and what substances are most harmful. After your preliminary study, you should compose a list with all the causes and effects that you are aware of.

  5. Outline your material.
  6. Writing an outline is always helpful. This is the best way to structure your work and remember about all the important details. So, prepare a detailed outline and use it to create your first draft.

  7. Use a traditional essay structure.
  8. You can find a template and use the structure provided there. Usually, you can use a pattern when one cause leads to multiple effects. A typical paper will include an introduction; three paragraphs, each one explaining one of the effects of smoking cigarettes and the main cause that leads to it; and a brief summary.

Editing and Proofreading Your Essay Easily

To get an A, you should submit a mistake-free assignment formatted in a proper manner. The following tips will help you edit and proofread your work easily. First, give your essay a rest before editing and proofreading. Second, search for one kind of a problem at a time. Third, double-check the names of the tobacco companies, research centers, etc. Fourth, read your paper aloud or backward to catch more mistakes. Fifth, ask your friend to proofread the text after you have done that.

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