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25 expository essay writing prompts for middle school

Essay are quite important thing is life and you learn a great deal from it. The more you practice at the better you get at it. Expository format is where you need to investigate an idea and make a conclusion about it like a debatable quotient set forth for the audience.

25 expository essay topics for middle school:

Topics are varied and you have to select the best on which suits your mentality and your writing pattern. The one that touches your soul and bends your mind to write immediately should be selected.

  1. 1.Explain the reason why you admire someone and why do you do that?
  2. 2.What are the main things that are needed to be in a person to become a leader?
  3. 3.What are the reasons that parents should get strict sometime
  4. 4.Which animal would you choose to be if you had a chance to be for one day?
  5. 5.Who is your favourite teacher and why is it that so?
  6. 6.What are the reasons for which some cities have curfews for teens?
  7. 7.In many cities some students are forced to leave school by the age of sixteen and made to work, explain why?
  8. 8.Shifting form one place to another in childhood affects the mentality of the teens.
  9. 9.Why is getting a driver’s license so important for a teenager?
  10. 10.What are the major stresses that a teen faces?
  11. 11.What is the importance of working in a team and why it is helpful?
  12. 12.Talk about some of the non-materialistic stuff that makes you happy?
  13. 13.Explain the reason of committing suicide?
  14. 14.What are the effects of music in our life and how does it help us to recover from trauma?
  15. 15.Music does affect the different strata of societies. How does it happen?
  16. 16.What are the reasons that teens lean over to drugs the most?
  17. 17.What are the consequences of selling drugs to minors?
  18. 18.What re the main consequences of taking drugs and how does it affect life?
  19. 19.Why does teen get addicted to cigarette?
  20. 20.What are the consequences of being kicked out of school?
  21. 21.Skipping classes is a bad habit, how to restrict it?
  22. 22.What are the affects that befall on a child due to parental separation?
  23. 23.Make up is the most needed thing for a teen, why?
  24. 24.The favourite destination of your life?
  25. 25.What are the effects of adolescence period in children?

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