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How To Create An Interesting Comparative Essay About The Mongol Empire

The Mongol Empire is known to be the largest contiguous empire in history. Existing during the 13th and 14th centuries it stretched from Eastern Asia all the way to Central Europe. The Mongol Empire came into existence and prominence as hundreds of tribes throughout Asia were unified under a single ruler. There is a vast history with the Mongol Empire that can make for an interesting comparative essay. Here are few ideas for creating a great comparative essay:

Consider Unique Topics

The first step in creating an interesting comparative essay on this subject is to come up with a few unique topics for your paper. It’s well-known that students do better when they work on assignment topics that are interesting to them as much as they will be to the class. Your enthusiasm will come through in your writing and you will be more likely to earn a high grade.

Do Some Background Research

Start with some background research before jumping into the writing phase. Go online and read a few general histories of the Mongol Empire. Write down a few areas that interest you and try to find more information about those areas. Be sure to take down any resources that might be helpful to read.

Do Some In-Depth Research

Take your chosen topic and do some in-depth research. Start at the library and speak with the reference librarian. Ask him or her to point you to the right location in the history stacks and help you do a database search for academic articles that may be of help. Be sure to write down complete citation information so you won’t have to come back to do this later.

Brainstorm Thesis Statements

The next step in creating a great comparative essay is brainstorming some ideas for your thesis statement. You don’t have to craft a precise statement at this point in the writing process. Simply take the information you’ve gathered through research and develop some opinions about the information you’ve read about.

Organize Content in a Draft Outline

After you’ve developed a draft thesis statement and have organized your arguments, you should immediately craft an outline for your entire comparative essay. Use a standard outline form to organize your topics and evidence in a logical order. Keep your reader in mind when you are doing this.

Start Writing as Early as Possible

Don’t wait to the last minute to get started with writing the first draft. Students tend to procrastinate in the period after research and writing. You want to give yourself plenty of time to revise and proofread your work, so write the first draft soon after creating your outline.

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