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Good Ways To Compose An Outline For A Compare And Contrast Essay

What’s the purpose of your essay outline? With its help, you can organize your essay in a comprehensive and logically consequential manner. Besides that, if you have an outline, your teacher sees that you have composed the paper on your own. This is the reason why they often demand it as a component of the assignment.

What Is an Outline for a Compare and Contrast Essay?

An outline for a compare and contrast paper helps you effectively compare and contrast two certain points without forgetting to mention some important thoughts, ideas, etc. It means that the outline will look like any other one for any other essay. Yet, you need to give more attention to body paragraphs that bring the main informational load, explaining the differences and similarities that the compared items have.

How to Compose a Good Compare and Contrast Outline?

  1. Think about the structure your paper is going to have.
  2. Mostly, your paper will look the same with all the other papers of other types. It will have an introduction and conclusions but you need to determine how many paragraphs you are going to have in the body. Keep in mind one important rule: one paragraph for one opinion that is supported by reliable arguments.

  3. Choose the method of comparing the objects.
  4. You need to know for sure how you are going to compare and contrast the objects in your project. You can choose, for example, three peculiarities of each object that can be compared to the same characteristics of the second object and contrasted to them. Then, you can pick out two compared features of the objects, describe them, and underline their similarity and contrast within one paragraph, and do the same with the remaining pairs of features. Alternatively, you can describe all the features of one object in one paragraph, describe the features of the other object in the next paragraph, and compare and contrast them in the third one. All this will determine the number of the paragraphs your paper is going to have.

  5. Choose between full sentences or word combinations.
  6. If your outline is a part of your assignment, you need to give special attention to this point. That is, you need to choose whether you are going to use full sentences to name the points of your outline or whether you would like to use meaningful word combinations. It’s important to stick to the same style throughout the outline.

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