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Tips To Make Good Essays

How To Write An Effective Essay For College: Basic Things To Take Into Account

Students have to write essays pretty often, but not all of them know how to do it correctly. You may be surprised, but your paper can give your tutor a clear picture of who you are, what you feel about certain problems. Unlike your grades and test scores, it also helps check the writing skills. There are some general tips that allow writing an effective essay for college:

  1. Make the first step.
  2. It’s always difficult to write the first word, when preparing an essay. Try to analyze your character and find your strong points. Discovering the hidden you can be a successful beginning.

  3. Be natural.
  4. Think what you want to write about and make up a short plan. That’s high time to start writing your paper. Let yourself absorb in the inner world and express what you think in writing. Later, you will have an opportunity to correct and check the writing.

  5. Stick to essay’s constituents.
  6. Your paper should consist of three parts:

    • Introduction – 5-6 sentences to start your essay;
    • Main body – 2 or more paragraphs to express the main idea and to use examples;
    • Conclusion – 3-4 sentences to end your paper and give your own opinion.

  7. Write what you think.
  8. Figure out your attitude to the problem and then stick to your point of view. Your writing should have connection to what you think and believe in.

  9. Determine a definite topic.
  10. Do not write about everything at the same time. Thus, the essay won’t have a clear theme and will seem to be incomplete.

  11. Use your creativity.
  12. Try to be humorous, but remember to use it correctly. Someone may not understand what you are going to say.

  13. Be fair.
  14. If your task is to write about your taste for music, achievements, and your favorite hobby, do not exaggerate, or pretend to be someone else. Write what you really think, not what others expect to read.

  15. Consider others’ opinions.
  16. Consult someone, who knows you perfectly well, whether your writing corresponds to who you are. Pay attention to their remarks.

  17. Correct the errors.
  18. Now it’s time to reread the essay and check your grammar and spelling mistakes. If it is possible, show someone the writing for the second time to look it through and correct what you’ve missed.

  19. Remain your individuality.
  20. Remember that people may have different points of view on the same subject. Having your own opinion does not mean being wrong.

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