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Tips To Make Good Essays

There are many things you can do to both get ideas for academic essays, get writing the academic essay, and complete an academic essay in order to assure yourself a high grade. I’m going to share ten tried and true tips with you that can virtually guarantee you an A+ if you follow them to a tee and if you do each step the absolute best you can do it.

Pick a Topic that Is Current, but easy to research

You do not want to pick a dull topic, nor do you want to choose one that is so new that there isn’t enough research about it conducted. This will leave you with very little to say.

Don’t go over on length. Make it shorter but deeper.

Don’t try to be superman. Simply get it done. Now is not the time for perfection or impressing anyone with length. Instead, impress them with to the point writing.

Even if it is not a research essay, do some research anyway.

You cannot go wrong with, in any essay, sounding as informed as possible. And even if it is not required, no teacher looks down on research being drawn into an academic essay.

When You Write, Keep the Critic Off your Shoulder

If you have that voice in your head saying, “this isn’t good enough,” tell that voice to go find someone else to bother. Tell yourself, “well, no matter what it sounds like, this is a first draft, and the editing is when it happens, anyway.”

10 Things to Do if You’re To Write An Academic Essay

  1. There is no “perfect topic” but there are ways to get started quicker
  2. Students, there is no perfect topic. There are perfect papers—and typically, these are achieved through careful revision and letting the essay grow over time. Picture a renowned painter who is standing in front of his canvas, trying to decide whether to paint a still life of fruit or a beautiful landscape painting of a seaside picnic. These are both stellar ideas—but is one better than the other? No, right? Right. And picture how much will get accomplished if that painter stands there contemplating which picture will be the perfect painting to paint. Nothing. Instead, what if he or she would have simply picked their topic and dived right in? The painting would have already had three whole hours to get better. You don’t want to be that painter who tries to choose, you want to be the painter whose painting is already painted and who is already making finishing touches. Remember this basic rule of a professional essay writer.

  3. Pick a Topic You could converse on easily
  4. Pick a topic you already know something about. This will make the writing come quickly and easily. Imagine how good the essay will be once you free write an add in academic research then—not to mention how much space it will take up.

  5. Structure is virtually always the same.
  6. All essays follow one basic structure – introduction with thesis statement at the end, then body evidence paragraphs, and then the close. Period. The only exception to this is with argumentative essays – which follow more of an introduction, thesis, body paragraphs, acknlodge the other side, refute the other side, and then the closing paragraph.

  7. When it comes to Intros, First Thoughts Really are best
  8. Your first sentences are just a clever way into the essay. Try a “Recently, researchers noted” if nothing else.

  9. Thesis statements have to be there
  10. The In this essay I will discuss sentence HAS to be there.

  11. Revise and revise again—and you’re done.

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