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Tips To Make Good Essays

Tips On Writing A College Essay About How Technologies Made Us Fat

There is a popular opinion that highly-developed technologies have made us fat. If you are told to compose an essay dedicated to this problem, you will obviously find enough source material. Yet, what about your own opinion?

What Is Essay Writing?

If you are writing an essay, you need to express your own opinion and support it with enough reliable facts. If you have this opinion, you will have no problems. Yet, what to do if you have no opinion and your paper seems to be too short?

  1. Develop an opinion.
  2. If you still have none, read some source literature and see which problems are described in it. If you have never thought about the cause-effect connections between the obesity and development of technologies that allow people to do as little as they can, you have a good chance to explore the problem from many sides. Choose a point of view that seems to be the most reasonable to you and choose a topic that matches it perfectly.

  3. Start writing.
  4. Have a draft that will be filled with the fruits of your brainstorming. Start writing everything that occurs to you in any way, through 10 to 15 minutes. This time is enough to put down some main ideas. Don’t worry if it looks awful: it’s a draft that is going to turn into a brilliant paper.

  5. Compose a thesis.
  6. This phrase is supposed to explain why you are researching the problem, the goal that you want to achieve at the end, and the main idea of this essay. It will determine the main guidelines of your work, so give it enough attention.

  7. Remember about the 5 paragraphs.
  8. Keep in mind that most good projects consist of 5 parts: an intro, three body paragraphs, and conclusions. They are enough to let you unfold your investigation and express your opinion.

  9. Compose an outline and start working.
  10. Even if you think that your opinion can be expressed within a couple of phrases, compose a good outline of the future paper and start filling it with the things from the draft with some more details.

Where to Get Help

Writing is a process during which you may need help in spite of the most effective recommendations and tips. Remember that there are people who are always ready to assist you with your writing tasks. These people are specialists in writing labs, professional writers who can be found on the Internet, and your teacher who is waiting for your questions.

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