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A List Of Successful Explanatory Essay Writing Prompts For High School Students

An explanatory essay can be best described as being a mixture between an argumentative paper and an informative paper. Essentially, when writing the work you will be required to look at a subject, and analyse it in more detail.

When carrying out your analysis of the subject, you will need to look at various different arguments that can be made, whilst informing the reader about the topic in general. Unlike an argumentative paper, you do not necessarily need to persuade the reader of a point of view; however, you must explain each possible point of view in greater detail, so as to allow the reader to make their own mind up.

To help you think of good titles when writing this kind of academic paper, it can be useful to look at prewritten samples that have been written by other people. This gives you an idea of what topics and titles you may wish to write about, but it also enables you to have a look at what other people have written about, which may help to inspire some ideas for your own work.

As well as looking at past papers, it is a good idea to carry out various brainstorming techniques and, potentially, you may even wish to work in groups with other people from your course, so as to discuss ideas between you.

It may be that someone has an idea that they are not particularly keen on, and they may be happy to share it with you, but it may turn out that you really like it. If this is the case then you can write your essay based on that topic. Equally, for a few more ideas, the list below contains a selection of different prompts that you may wish to use.

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