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How To Write A Good 3-Paragraph Essay Conclusion- Useful Hints

When you are writing a three paragraph essay, it will include three different sections. The first section is the introduction, followed by the body, and ending with the conclusion. The introduction of the paper will be where you will introduce your topic, draw your reader in and make them want to continue reading, and present the main focus of your paper. The body paragraph is designed to present the facts that support and prove your main point or focus. Then you will conclude your paper with a conclusion that wraps it up.

The conclusion of your paper is usually the section that gets the least amount of attention. This is a huge mistake. Your conclusion is your last chance to reach your audience and to get your point across. If you write a successful paper but fail to nail the conclusion, it will all be a waste. If you write a mediocre paper, and then an awesome conclusion, you will likely have succeeded at getting your point across anyways. There are some things that you will need to know to ensure that you write an excellent conclusion for your paper.

  1. Wrap the paper up
  2. The conclusion is where you will end your paper. It is important to tie up all loose ends and not create more. To do so, you will not want to bring up new topics in your conclusion that haven’t been discussed in the rest of the paper.

  3. Restate the facts
  4. You want to tell your audience again what your paper is about. Don’t just copy and paste the same sentence that you stated in the introduction. You want to say it a different way. A way that takes into account the information that you have presented to your audience in the body of your paper. Restate your main ideas and your important facts. This is where you remind them of the reason you wrote the paper in the first place.

  5. Leave them with something to think about
  6. This does not mean to present a new idea that has not been discussed before. It is a little tricky to do. You will want to make sure that it still focuses on proving the main point of the paper but it can’t have fit better in the body of the paper. It should be something that proves your point but that you just leave for your audience to think about.

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