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How To Pick Up Impressive Narrative Essay Topics About Love

Perhaps the best advice to give to enable you to find impressive topics for a narrative essay about love of to think beyond the obvious and to think outside the box!

Narrative essays about love can give the reader a glimpse into your own personal experiences which can be a little disconcerting. You may fond it easier to choose a narrative essay topic that is remote from your own personal experiences.

Think outside of the box. Look at the suggestions below as prompts. Remember that writing about love does not necessarily mean that you have to write about romantic love.

  1. Overcoming fear. Think of something someone did for someone else out of love, but to do it they had overcome their fear. Imagine a parent with a fear of spiders having to pick up and remove a spider because it scared their child.

  2. If you could change someone’s life. Explain why you would want to change that person’s life. What would it mean to them? What would it involve you doing? Finding a cure for cancer or as simple a doing a few chores for them?

  3. Words of support that helped you make a decision. Was it because they were said to you at an appropriate time? Was it because of who said them to you? What words would you use to help someone make a life changing decision?

  4. Witnessing an act of kindness. An illustration of the care and love shown to a stranger. You many have seen someone secretly paying for someone else’s meal while you were in a café.

  5. What makes your parents special? Sometimes it can be difficult getting on with parents but generally they are special people. What qualities about your parents make them unique?

  6. Witnessing a dog getting told off for taking a child’s toy then trying to make amends. The family pet is very usually very caring, but sometimes they may take and hide something they like the look of, how to they make apology?

  7. Volunteering. Giving up some of your time can be very rewarding and demonstrates how people will care for others even if they do not know them personally. Give an example of unsung heroes.

  8. A kiss that meant a lot. It is quite common for people to show affection with a kiss, generally air kissing means nothing, Sometimes one kiss can mean more than a handful of jewels, can you pick out such a kiss?

  9. Standing up to a bully on behalf of someone else. This action has truly got to be an illustration of love for another person. It takes a lot to stand up to a bully and more so on someone else’s behalf.

  10. A time when someone showed their confidence ands trust in your abilities and let you try something for the first time on your own. This has to be a wonderful example of fondness.

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