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A List Of Great Narrative Essay Topics About The Character Of A Personality

A great narrative essay about the character of a personality should help the readers get to know that character better. If you have to work on such an assignment, you should be careful when choosing your topic. Firstly, it’s advisable to select a person that you consider sophisticated. Secondly, you should want to learn more about the chosen personality. You’ll spend some time studying their thoughts, describing their feelings, and analyzing their actions.

Considering potential topic ideas, keep in mind that your paper should answer the following questions:

To answer the questions above, you’ll need to select vivid examples, so make sure to support each of your points with details from the person’s life. It’s a good idea to find what other famous people have said about him or her.

You can brainstorm ideas for your paper alone or with your friends. However, having some sample topics is always helpful, so study the following list of great narrative essay topics for college students to get inspired:

  1. Main personality traits of Hamlet.
  2. The role of birth order: how members of the same family can turn out so differently in their ways of making decisions.
  3. Leadership traits: a case study of Abraham Lincoln.
  4. Of Mice and Men: forgiveness and curiosity as the main personal traits of Lennie Small.
  5. The character of Macbeth: how it advances the themes of the play.
  6. Oscar Rodriguez as a diamond personality.
  7. A typical terrorist: key characteristics.
  8. J.K. Rowling’s personality revealed in her writing.
  9. Steve Jobs: the truth behind a workaholic.
  10. Ebenezer Scrooge from A Christmas Carol: an example of how people can change if they want to.
  11. The marine corps: what personal traits make people successful.
  12. A personality of Othello.
  13. Kurt Cobain: a complex person that can’t fit into any psychological theory.
  14. Beowulf as an Anglo-Saxon hero.
  15. Sherlock Holmes: a sociopath’s brain.

The topics listed above are varied. You can choose any of them and add some details that will make your narrative essay outstanding and interesting for the readers.

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